I was encouraged at an early age by an artistic family that being an artist was a worthwhile endeavor. My dad was an accomplished water color painter and architect that encouraged me in the arts. Family trips consisted of visits to art galleries and museums, along with an occasional stop at Disneyland. While in high school I was granted the Sterling Scholar award for art and although the award was a great accomplishment, I was not sure if pursuing a career in art was what I wanted to do. 

Several years later, as I began studying illustration and painting at Brigham Young University, I realized that I loved drawing and painting more than anything else and that I wanted to commit my life to being an artist. Ralph Barksdale along with several other professors had a great impact on my development and I learned to love and appreciate the academic principles that are gained through drawing and painting from life. 

Following college, I was priveledged to study with William Whitaker, a nationally renowned Figurative Artist. I learned from Bill that pursuing an art career would be the most challenging thing I could do, but well worth the effort. He inspired me to continue the pursuit and helped me learn much of what was needed to succeed.

Following studies with Bill, I quit my real job as a 3D modeler with an animation studio and I began painting full time selling my work in several galleries. Although I loved painting, the solitary life of just being a painter for 3 years neglected the fact that I loved being around people. With the pursuit of teaching in mind, I  decided to pursue a Master's degree in painting with the American University of Washington D.C. A great opportunity presented itself when I found out they had a 2 year residency program in Italy. Italy turned out to be a magical time away from normal life with a focus solely on art. 

After completing graduate school I began teaching at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Teaching has become a rewarding endeavor that  I have enjoyed for the past 13 years. 

One of the most important things I learned while studying with Ralph and Bill was the idea of painting and drawing from life. When a person approaches the subject matter with honesty, trying to capture what is felt and seen along with adding their own artistic sensibilities to the work, the spirit of art is realized. 

Many thanks need to be given to all the artists that have influenced me over the years including my father Paul Bowen who always encouraged me and believed in me. Thanks to Ralph Barksdale, Robert Barrett, Bill Whitaker and countless other artists that have helped me progress in my journey. Most recently I appreciate the support of  Huihan Liu and Zhaoming Wu, two artist friends that I have had the opportunity of traveling with in Italy. I am grateful for their insight, encouragement and for allowing me the opportunity to enjoy the art journey along side each of them. 

A favorite quote from artist Burton Silverman echoes my feelings,

" I hope to make pictures that are timeless. I love an art which allows me to document my place in this mix and trust the people who love to see it. I love the fact that this art might somehow affect the way people see, and thus open a window on the world." 


MFA Painting: American University of Washington D.C. – Italy Residency Program             2000-2002

BFA Illustration: Brigham Young University                                                                                 1990-1995

Painting Mentorship: William Whitaker                                                                                         1995-1997

 Scottsdale Artist School Workshop: Robert Johnson                                                                         1997

 Scottsdale Artist School Workshop: David Leffel                                                                                1996

Richard Schmid Workshop - Southern Utah University                                                                       1994

Professional Experience   

Academy of Art University: San Francisco, California - Full time Professor

Brigham Young University: Provo, Utah - Adjunct Professor  

Utah Valley University: Orem, Utah - Adjunct Professor                  

Zygote Media Group:  3D Modeler: Provo, Utah

Viewpoint Data labs: 3D Modeler: Orem, Utah

Professional Teaching Experience

Intermediate Figure Drawing: Academy of Art University

Introduction to Figure Painting: Academy of Art University 

Landscape Painting: Academy of Art University 

Head Painting: Academy of Art University

Introduction to Figure Drawing: Academy of Art University 

Cityscape Painting: Academy of Art University 

Clothed Figure Painting: Academy of Art University 

Senior Studio 2 Figure Painting: Brigham Young University

Advanced Figure Drawing: Brigham Young University

Illustration 2: Brigham Young University

Drawing 1: Brigham Young University 

Drawing Foundations: Utah Valley University 

Presentations/Workshops Taught

Kanab, Utah: Business of Art Presenter/ Speaker                                                      2013, 2014, 2015

Corciano, Italy: Diretor of Academy of Art University Study Abroad Program                 2006 - 2011

Houston, Texas: Portrait Painting Workshop                                                                                  2008

Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica: Landscape Painting Workshop                                                        2008

Corciano, Italy: Plein Air Painting Workshop                                                                      2003 - 2007

Workshops Hosted

Italy Painting Workshop with Zhaoming Wu                                                      2011, 2013, 2015, 2017 

Italy Painting Workshop with James Kroner                                                               2015, 2016, 2017

Italy Painting Workshop with Huihan Liu                                                                                        2014

Italy Painting Workshop with John Poon                                                                                        2014

Italy Painting Workshop with Koo Schadler                                                                                   2008

Gallery Representation

Garden Gallery: Half Moon Bay, California                                                                   2008 - present

Selby House: Menlo Park, California                                                                            2008 - present 

Repartee Gallery: Orem, Utah                                                                                         2011 - present 

Fibonacci Main Street Gallery: St. George, Utah                                                               2013 - 2016

D.E. Craghead Gallery: Carmel, California                                                                        1998 - 2008 

Smith Klein Gallery: Boulder, California                                                                           2004 - 2006 

Sunset Oaks Gallery: Auburn, California                                                                          1997 - 2000 

Galerie Gabrie: Pasadena, California                                                                                 1997 - 1999 

Coda Gallery: Park City, Utah                                                                                             1996 - 1998

Awards / Publications

Merit Award - American Impressionist Society National Exhibition                                          2017

Merit Award - American Impressionist Society Nation Exhibition Paint out                             2017

Merit Award - Midway Utah Plein Air  Festival                                                                            2017

Merit Award - Spring City Utah Plein Air Festival                                                                       2016 

Merit Award  - Dixie Invitational  Exhibition                                                                                2014

Southwest Art Magazine featured advertisement                                                                     2003 

“Artist to Watch”  - Southwest Art Magazine                                                                              2003                                                      

Society of Illustrators – Student Juried Selection                                                                       1995


Spanish and Italian Language

Snow Skiing / Sports

Music / Singing / Piano